#April Fools Day Hashtag:

You are a very CUTE person.



Just a second, don’t misunderstand.

CUTE means: Creating Useless Troubles Everywhere.

Happy All Fools’ Day!Related

Wife texts to her hubby: Please come home early. I have cooked a wonderful meal. We shall spend the time alone and have a wonderful time.

Husband reaches home and finds the usual stale food.

Hubbby: What’s this non-sense?

Wife: Koi “April Fool” Bhi Cheez Hoti Hai!Related

Carefully open a small bag of chips by pulling apart the top, then remove the wafers. Replace them with some other type of chip, or fake cardboard “chips.” Then glue the top back and offer them to your victim.Related

Turn around the batteries of the TV remote and watch as your victim tries to surf different channels.Related

‘(“3 Dost The” )’


Billu, Gullu, Ullu..

Billu : B.Sc Me pad raha hai..

Gullu : B.Com me pad raha hai..


Hamara Ullu ..: msg Padh raha hai.

‘Haa Haa Haa’

Hans mat mere saath bhi aise hi huwa hai chal ab teri baari hai bana subko Ullu…

Jaldi jaldi bana warna ye msg market me purana ho jaayega…Related

You are equal to 60 James Bond!






007 x 60 = 420

Happy April Fool!Related

With the victim looking on, pretend you see a fly in the room. Grab a fly swatter and chase it around for a while. Then make a big swat, reach down and grab the ‘fly’ (actually a raisin that you concealed in your hand), and gobble it down or put into whatever the victim is eating.Related
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