#Missing You SMS Hashtag:

Sometimes I forget 2 say hi, sometimes I forget 2 reply, sometimes my msg doesn’t reach u, but it doesn’t mean I forget u. I’m just giving u time to Miss me.Related

My eyes r hurting coz I can`t see U;

My arms r empty coz I can`t hold U;

My lips r cold coz I can`t kiss U;

And my heart is breaking coz I m not with U.Related

Nobody is right till somebody is wrong;

Nobody is weak till somebody is strong;

Nobody is lucky till love comes along;

Nobody is lonely till somebody is gone.

Missing you!Related

Missing A

Missing B

Missing C



But I am missing U the most!Related

Close your eyes;

Relax your body;

And now hold your breath for as long as you can.

I miss you as much as you missed the fresh air!Related
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