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How Work from Home? Jobs Paying Me $5000+ per Month. I started work from home 8 years back when my daughter was born. Initially, it was a struggle earning from work from home jobs but after working consistently for months, I crossed my first $1000 in just one & half year.

From last 3 years, I am earning more than $5000 from number of work from home jobs.

I have researched a lot about online and other offline work at home options and I know a lot about the best work from home jobs without any investment. I will show you 5 such work from jobs that you can do from home or online from anywhere


  • 5 Best Work from Home Jobs
  • You will also know which work from home jobs are giving me most of the income.

1. Ad Reading Jobs from Home

One of the most favourite work from home option for millions of people is working on ad clicking jobs provided by some of the best websites. I am making around $800 from this single job. When I started ad reading job, I was hardly earning $5 to $10 per month but now I make more than $800 from this single job. Here, you can get paid simply by clicking & watching the ads for few seconds. I have researched & tested dozens of sites & after working for months, I can say there are 5-6 sites which not only pay good income but always pay on time. You can check my favorite list here, and then join all sites to make good income in part time. Another similar job which gives me $400 to $500 per month is GPT job where you need to complete short and simple tasks & offers. You can find the list of my favorite GPT sites here.

2. Complete Online Surveys from Home

survey jobs from home Nowadays everyone knows online surveys & want to make some extra income by working online from their home. Online surveys are the best options for homemakers, part-timers, students or anyone. You can signup with good survey sites & start earning by completing different surveys. You can signup with good survey sites & start earning by completing different surveys. I earn almost $400 per month from survey sites. You can check this online survey post to find top 20 surveys sites & to know more about this online work from home job. You can signup here to get SureJob Training Package where I will show you how can you earn $5000 like me from work from home jobs.

3. Blogging

blogging Although I make more than $3000+ from blogging but I listed this option on number 3 because first 2 jobs are very simple and anyone can earn from above 2 work from home jobs. You need to work hard in blogging and it may take 3 to 6 months to get your first income from blogging. If you are looking for a stable & permanent source of income then there is no other option than blogging. You can do it part time or full time. Although it takes time to understand the whole concept of blogging once you are set in this work, you can earn a very decent income that people donít earn even in full-time. We have created one of the best training material that can help you to understand this work from home concept. You can signup here so that we can send you the step by step training that you can easily understand & start blogging. And yes, there is no registration fee. Everything on this site is FREE.

4. Offline & Online Data Entry Jobs

In Data entry job you have to type the matter as per the instructions and submit the work to the company before the deadline. This is an easy work at home job and no extra qualification or experience is required. In this job, you have to collect the job from the companyís office or else the company forward the work through courier or post. Let me be frank here. I have never worked on any data entry jobs because this is related to typing speed and my speed is not that good. I have done lots of research on data entry jobs and inquired hundreds of people to find the feedback of different kinds of offline and online data entry jobs. Based on my research I have prepared a list of best data entry jobs here. You can make a decent amount of money if you work with a legitimate data entry job provider. One of the best way to find a legit company is they don't demand any registration charges.

5. Work from Home Writer

work at home writer Long back I was working as a writer for various clients and making around $1000+ per month. But later on I started writing for my blog and made lots of money. There are various ways to make money as I writer and one of the best way is by writing blogs. But if you are simply looking for work at home writing jobs then you can find that easily on internet. Only thing you need to do is some writing skills. Even if you don't have writing skills, there are many courses that can make you an expert writer. You can find many writing jobs on popular freelance sites like UpWork, Fiverr, iWriter etc. You can also get freelance writing jobs from job portals like Indeed. There are different types of writing jobs like writing for blogs & websites, proofreading, academic writing, copy-writing etc. You can earn $5 to $20 for 500 words article. If you work part time then you can write at least 1000 words daily and if you work full time then you can write 3000 words daily.