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My Father's Wife ..... Season 2 - Episode 13

My brains shut dead, my hands trembled and whole body quaked.

A very cold hot wave surged through me, the whole scenario was spinning around me. I rushed off into my room, slipped into a black body hug shirt and jean trousers.

I tore into Papa’s compound in full speed immediately effiong opened the gate watching him through the side mirror carry his hand on his head, his gazed fixed on the shimmering chases of my silver lexus jeep.

Yanked myself out of the car, walking briskly into the house, face straight and fingers clenched.
My whole face was already dripping with sweat, my eyes shot red.

I literally kicked the door open peering into the sitting room to be met with empty cushions and the t.v showing some very annoying music on channel O.

The house was silent and strangely cold chilly air filled it.
I rushed into Papa’s room, his room was empty.

Getting to Amanda’s room i pushed and it was locked, my fist furiously unleashed series of bangs on it in the form of knocking.

Ryan’s voice shrieked as he jolted into a sudden cry.
“Who dah hell is that” Amanda’s voice barked “You just woke my son from sleep”.

“Open the door now” I couldn’t mask my voice into a wrap of gentility, every iota of sanity has jumped off the window.

The door cracked open, Amanda wedged herself into the little space it made stopping me from seeing the full view of the room.

“Yes what is it” She retorted looking me squarely in the face with a scoffing smirk.

“How could you be so wicked? How could you lie against me to my fiancee’s parents that i am Ryan’s father!!!” I yelled, my voice shook as i stressed the word ‘father’.

Amanda gave out a loud giggle. “Did i hear you say lie?, Oh sweetheart it wasn’t a lie. Ryan is your son” She said smiling.

I lost my vocal cord, i tried to speak but the words stuck at the back of my throat choking me, my eyes widened as i looked on at amanda.

“Sky listen to me, you are the father of my child, and you won’t throw me off to the trash like that, you messed with the wrong girl” Her pointed fore- finger was touching my chest as she spoke with every iota of impetus one can imagine.

“You are a devil Amanda” I finally found my voice which still was shaky.

“Oh, now you know yet this devil has a son for you, we are only starting sky”

I landed a slap across her face before she could finish those words making her fall back into the room with a clash.

I thundered the door open, Ryan already was back to sleep, he lay peacefully on the bed oblivious of what he was causing me.

Amanda sprang to her feet, her face turned red and eyes tight blank.

“How dare you sky, you slapped me because of one cheap thing you picked up from God knows where?” She yelled with her hands covered the slapped cheek.

Grabbing her by the throat with one of my hands i pushed her against the wall, her hands clenched into tiny blows were landing on mine in a bid to free herself.

I tightened my grip on her neck, i’ve already lost total control of my senses which was now been piloted by rage.

Fear and tears engulfed her eyes, i watched as a tiny lone tear dropped from her eyes which were fixed on me.

“Leave my mummy alone” A tiny silky voice whispered, i looked to the bed Ryan was not there.
Felt some tiny hands clasped around my legs holding it tightly. “Leave my mummy alone” Tears already flowed down his face.

His innocent face and pleading eyes reminded me of an incident that happened when i was his age. I went to the main market with mama, the rush and squeezes of bodies against each other as everyone hurried on their different businesses.

I was in my mama’s arms as she tried to waddle her way past the river of people and accidentally ran into a man carrying a bucket of paint which crashed on the ground and poured away.

Those two resounding slaps he landed on mama’s face even as she was apologizing still tore my heart into pieces but i was helpless then. and up till now i still haven’t forgotten his mean chubby fat face.
I wouldn’t know what i would do if i happen to see him again, though it would be better for him that i dont.

My grip on Amanda’s neck loosened as i watched Ryan whose eyes were fixed on my face and Amanda’s which now ran freely with tears.

“If you spoil my marriage Amanda” I sang to her now fixing my gaze into her face sounding as mean as i never have been.
“I will make life miserable for you i promise you that”

“Sky stop it!!!” That was Jessy’s voice. I turned sharply and saw Jessy standing with Wilson on the door.

I loosed my grip on her and released her. Wilson took hold of me and led me out of the room down to the sitting room, while jessy went over to console Ryan who still had tears in his eyes.

“Where is papa?” I asked Wilson almost as i crashed into a sofa in the sitting room.

“He insisted on honouring the state governors invitation to his house today, he left with Philip”
He said tapping my back a bit.

Wilson had taken the position of a brother to me, and from the lost look of pity and concern in his face buttered into a little smear of confusion, it was obvious he already knew what was going on.

“Sky!!!” Jessy called out making me tilt my head to the direction of her voice seeing her descend from the staircase with Ryan in her arms.

She sat close to me looking at me with, pity looking all over her face.
“Chioma called me, she told me everything” Jessy said casting a sharp look at wilson.

“And sky their is something else” Jessy sang..

“What is it Jessy” I intoned trying to gather my wits.

“Chioma is pregnant” Jessy announced ..

..To Be Continued…

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