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I was in that dark cage, for a long time and things seemed to be weird to me. Things were going on around me, but I didn't know what was happening or how it was happening.
I was trapped, in the cage with my kinds. I was in a state where my kinds called "PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT".
I began to get use to staying there because it kept me away from the creatures and the world unknown to me.
A time came and little light shined into the cage, then I felt a downwards movement. The cage was opened and i finally had the chance to see the light in full 3D (real life).
The light didn't look like the light which I saw in the place I came from. This light was more yellowish in colour and big.
I felt heat and my cap (top cover) was hot, when the light touched my whole body for a very long time. Every where was hot for me, Unlike the place where i came from which was at a normal temperature.
I saw many of them (humans), after the cage was opened. They were every where and they all looked different in sharps, sizes, heights, colours and profiles.
As I looked at them, I started to understand little by little that they were the ones who ruled this dimension of the world.
I came to understand that they were our masters, but I didn't still understand why they made us. I didn't understand why they dressed in funny ways and why their bodies were not like ours.
The humans in the place I came from, dressed more in a uniform manner, but the humans there dressed more in disorderliness.
They do things differently, than the place I was made. They even had the ability of speech, but the place I was made, it was only the robots that had the ability of speech (maybe sounds only) --or maybe the humans there had the ability of speech, maybe if I would had stayed longer, I would have seen them speak--.
The place I came from didn't have such space (clear view), but there had so much view that you could see colours. Everything there looked lively, but the place I was made was so --Hi! I can't condemn the place I came from, so I won't say how it was--.
One of the (humans) came to the place where I and my kinds were kept (in the cage). The human pointed at us.
I didn't even know that there was another human right at the back of us sitting, until I saw it (the human) --I guess I didn't notice because I was busy looking at each and every human that passed there, and my mind was praising the surrounding which it saw--.
The human behind collected something from the other human in front. The human behind then picked up one of my kinds, from the cage and gave it to the other human in front.
The human in front removed the cap (top cover) from my kind's head, which really gave me a fright.
It held my kind by its body and used its head to do something on the cage we where in, but my kind didn't release its blood (ink) --Our head is always full of blood (ink), if it's not then it means we are still sleeping or sick or it is the type my kind calls "THE BAD ONES"--.
The human in front starting talking to the human behind, then the human behind took my kind from the human in front and tried to use my kind again.
This time, it (human) shook my kind so hard that it released its blood (ink). I was now really afraid seeing how this so called humans used my kind roughly.
The human behind gave the human in front my kind back, then the human in front put my kind into something green and It (human) walked away.
It kept on ringing in my thought that, it was how we were all gonna be used by the humans, all our life time.
Time after time came and went as my understanding of things around me in the unknown dimension increased by size. I started to understand that the human behind us was not just a human but a seller.
It sells many other stuffs apart from us and it buys too, from companies. I usually see buses and trucks come there time to time and they sell to it (human) in bulk.
I always looked at their lips, trying to figure out the words that come out of their lips. Word like "MAMA", was one common word I noticed to see, in most humans lips that came to where I was to buy things from the human behind us.
--We PENS don't have ears or mouth to hear or speak, but we can see--.
I later learnt that humans actually use us to write, it all happened when i saw a human using my kind to draw something on the cage. I got the opportunity to read its lips and it used the same word "WRITING" like 2 times which made me to fully understand what we were used for.
It was not my first or even fifth time of seeing that word moving on a human's lips, but I really never still understood why they always shook us, which made me wonder whether we were used for writing and other things.
As time went on like a man who was after his wealth and fame, I and some few remaining pens waited and watched for our expected time to be picked or to be misused by a human.
Inside me I was afraid and not sure whether I wanted to be picked by a human, but the other side of me wanted to leave the cage to see other places.
Another side of me wanted to know all about the humans and how they relate in this world.
A part of me prayed to get picked on time, before i fell sick or lost my ability to release blood (ink) .............. To be continue.

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